In a perfect world, there would be no need for personal injury attorneys. All motorists would obey the traffic laws, all merchants would properly maintain their premises, all product manufacturers would make safe products, and people would always act carefully. Unfortunately, people and companies do not always choose to conduct themselves and their businesses carefully, and other people and their families are harmed, physically and/or financially.

The law is simply a reflection of what we as a society have agreed upon is right and just: when someone chooses a course of action—whether it’s not controlling his/her vehicle such that a collision results, or not safely maintaining his/her/ its property, or a manufacturer takes an unsafe shortcut in making a product—and that choice injures another person, then the negligent person/company should be required to make up for all of the harms and losses caused. Such harms may be non-economic (pain, physical and mental suffering, disability, impairment, and the loss of enjoyment of life), or economic (wage loss and medical bills). The compensation required to be paid should be no more than is fair under the circumstances, but certainly no less than is fair.

Since 1979, Lutz, Shafranski, Gorman & Mahoney has been privileged to obtain full and fair compensation for people who have been injured through another person’s or company’s choice not to act with due regard for the safety of others. The average person cannot by himself or herself overcome the size and resources of the insurance companies. The insurance industry’s goal is to not to compensate at all, or to compensate as little as possible, without fully considering the impact that an injury has had on a person’s health, family, job, or recreational pursuits. Lutz, Shafranski, Gorman & Mahoney is the advocate for the injured.

A significant part of our day-to-day practice is requiring a client’s own insurance company to provide all of the benefits to which the client is entitled. If a client’s treating doctor(s) thinks that a certain treatment will benefit the client, and the insurance company refuses to pay for that treatment, we make sure that the client receives the necessary treatment and that his/her insurance company pays for it.

Our philosophy has always been that when a client calls, that client will speak with a human being, and not a machine. We have never used “voice mail,” and we never will. Further, we have never used “paralegals” as an intermediary between the client and our lawyers. Our goal is have each lawyer handle every aspect of your case, from the first meeting until the conclusion of the case.

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