About The Law Firm

The Firm was founded in 1979 by Francis J. Lutz, Esquire. James A. Shafranski joined the firm in 1981, then John R. Gorman and John L. Mahoney joined the firm in 1985. We became Lutz, Shafranski, Gorman and Mahoney, P.A. in 1990. During all these years, we have developed the reputation for vigorously and effectively representing the interests of our clients.

Mr. Lutz retired in 1998.  After 23 years of service to the firm and its clients, Mr. Shafranski passed away in 2004.  After 23 years of service to the firm and its clients, Mr. Mahoney passed away in 2009.  The legacy of excellence of those gentlemen live on at the firm.

We focus on all aspects of personal injury matters, including all types of  motor vehicle accidents; slip/trip and fall incidents, injuries for defective products; dog bites/attacks; construction accidents; and work related injuries. We will do what is necessary to protect your rights and maximize your recovery.  Every case is prepared for trial, not settlement.  Settlement is recommended only if it is the client’s best interests, under all of the circumstances.

Many personal injury law firms hope to settle your case and are unwilling to go to trial or obtain full justice for their clients.  The insurance companies know who these firms are.  This is not the way that we practice law.  We prepare every case for trial, and have developed the reputation among insurance companies and defense attorneys for trying cases when we believe that the insurance company is not being fair.  We recommend a settlement only when it is truly in the client’s best interests.